About Us

Our father, Joseph Orlando, came from a very humble beginning in the
Larimer Avenue neighborhood of East Liberty. It was truly Pittsburgh's Little Italy.

After more than 60 distinguished years in the menswear business,
he has handed us the knowledge, wisdom and keys to our family business.

The climate for 'brick and mortar' retailing has never been more challenging.
However, we feel no matter how the world changes, there will always be a market
for quality products, sold at a fair price and delivered with a high level of service.

As we embark on the next chapter of our business at the historic Carlyle Building,
we invite you to stop by for a little taste of Orlando family hospitality.

Joe Orlando & Christi Orlando Marchi

Joseph Orlando Clothiers- 300 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Telephone 412 765 1726 | customerservice@josephorlando.com | join our Mailing List